Sensuality & Summer & the South of France

…. no beverage seems illustrate
than the Pastis to this.
Quite different flavours take you
into a filigree world of pleasure.
Unforgettable impressions like almonds, herbs, but also liquorices pamper the connoisseur.

Get to know some distilleries
of France and the Provence,
during a pastis tasting. Learn
more about his manufacturing
process and his history.
Discover a variety of
exquisites pastis: harmonious
and balanced, as well as herbal
taste or intensive flavoured

Madame Pastis offers

Tastings of different sorts of Pastis for beginners and experts.
• Discovering the differently aromas, qualities, flavours and more.
• An introduction into the history  and the production of Pastis.
• Entertaining anecdotes and stories about distilleries and producers.

 • On request a booklet and a  participant certificate.

"À la vôtre!!!"

    A pastis tasting or a moderated pastis bar is purposed
   as an entertaining and cultural
program for

    • Connoisseurs meetings, exhibitions and fairs
    • Conferences sessions or symposiums
    • Company presentations
    • Customer and theme parties
    • Celebrations and celebratory events.

           You can reach Madame Pastis at

          Mobil (D): 0049/ 

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