For editorial offices, medias and
publishing houses

…I write journalistic texts: reports,
blogs, features, comments and
columns and
portraits of distillers, companies, restaurant owners or shopkeepers

…I give drinking recommendations
and inform about the news of pastis, absinth or different anisées.

I take photos of spirits, menus, distilleries, restaurants and much

For restaurateurs, distillers and
specialized dealers

I create concepts and implements the business communication: journalistic texts, photographs or publications like newsletter, magazines and books.

...I write tasting profiles of different pastis and absinths or anisées.

...I advice at the choice of the assortment and be availble with
my expert knowledge.

For tourism professionals, event organisers and enthusiasts

...I develop presentations, tastings
and ideas for events.

...I organize one day excursions, journeys and discovering tours.

...I arrange tastings and give lectures to different topics.

         Madame-Pastis-Special. Madame-Pastis-Special.

         Madame Pastis moderates tastings, develops new ideas
         of recipe, cocktails and compiles pastis menues.

     You can reach Madame Pastis at

          Mobil (D):

           Mobil (F): 0033/