Pastis Expert and Journalist

Madame Pastis is an office for reports,
photos, tastings, presentation and informations. Founded by the Pastis expert and journalist Bea Leesemann in Marseille

Madame Pastis writes books, portraits,
reports and every form of journalistic
texts. She reports about the variety
of anise spirits and special Anisées. Special dine and drinking pleasures
are recommended, new sorts of
Pastis or Absinth are discussed and restaurants or distiller are portrayed.
Madame Pastis informs about quality,
excellence and different manufacturing
methods. Simply about everything
around the anise spirits of this world.

Ladies and gentlemen! Madame Pastis quite cordially invites you:
Come with her,onto a journey to the world of the pastis
and the
anise spirits. Look, marvel and wonder. Taste and try it out.
Enjoy the special charm and let you be seduced

Your Madame Pastis

     Pastis culture. Pastis culture. Pastis culture.

      The Pastis, the aniseed spirit from the south of France
     stands synonymously for the summer, the sun, a happy
     laughter, the singing of the cicadas, for the French
     “Laisser faire” or simply envoy life. But also for an aperitif
     in the early evening, a small bar or a bistro in the shade
     of plane trees, for the perfume of the Provence and opulent
     violet lavender fields.